Burg Vinegar 10% 1L

Hungarian Vinegar with 10% strength

Burg Vinegar 20% 1L

Ingredients Drinking water Fermented vinegar Acetic acid content: 20 g/100 ml.

Omnia Classic Ground Roasted Coffee 250g Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Douwe Egberts Omnia is a coffee with a strong, rich aroma, made using noble coffee varieties, which offers a special

Rege Cabbage with Tomatoes 710g

Ingredients: cabbage (49%), drinking water. tomato spread 12.2%, sugar, red onion, table salt, modified corn starch, food acid: citric acid,

Rege Leaved Cucumbers 680g

Ingredients: cucumber, drinking water, table salt, spices (dill, garlic), firming agent: calcium chloride, rye flour. Contains traces of gluten. It

Rege Mixed Pickles 680g

Ingredients: drinking water, vegetables in varying proportions (cabbage, cucumber, carrots, peppers, shallots), sugar food vinegar, food vinegar, solidifying agent: calcium

Rege Onion Lecsó with 40% Paprika 680g

Ingredients: paprika 40%, drinking water, tomato paste 12%, sugar, red onion 5%, table salt, table acid: citric acid, antioxidant: ascorbic

Rege Pickled Apple Pepper 680g

Ingredients: apple pepper, drinking water, table vinegar 4.25%, table salt, sugar, firming agent: calcium chloride, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, table acid:

Rege Steamed Red Cabbage 710g

Ingredients: red cabbage, drinking water, sugar, vinegar, table salt, cumin seeds, black pepper. It retains its quality: until the date

Tchibo Family Ground Coffee 250g Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Tchibo Eduscho Family is the same full-flavored coffee you know and love. With its rich and invigorating flavor, it will