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Cheese Wafer 165g

Ingredients: wheat flour, cheese powder (14%), palm fat, salt, whey powder, egg powder, paprika, emulsifier [lecithin(SOM)), black pepper. The product

Cheese Wafer with Caraway-seed 165g

Ingredients: wheat flour. sheese powder (14%), palm fat salt, whey powder. egg powder, caraway-seed, paprika, emulsiter (lecithin (soy)], black pepper.

Chio Big Bacon Flavour Crisps 65 g

£2.39 Including. 20% VAT
Ingredients: Wheat flour (41%), Vegetable oils (sunflower, rapeseed in varying proportions), Potato powder (19%), Potato starch, Edible salt, Aroma (contains

Chio Paprika Crisps 60g

£2.39 Including. 20% VAT
Ingredients: Potatoes (63%), Vegetable oils (variable mixture of sunflower oil and rapeseed oil), Sugar, Red onion powder, Dried milk product

Mogyi Crasssh Roasted Peanuts in Cheesy Tempura Coating 60 g

Roasted peanuts coated in a super cheesy flavour tempura coating with delicious crunch to it.

Mogyi Crasssh Sour Cream-Onion flavour Peanuts 60g

Peanuts covered in sour cream and onion flavour tempura coating.

Mogyi Mexicorn Barbecue Roasted Corn 60g

Deliciously roasted corn tossed in spicy chilli BBQ seasoning.

Rice up – Sour Cream-Onion Popped Crisps 60g

£1.69 Including. 20% VAT
Gluten-free, not fried in oil Whole grain brown rice chips with onion and sour cream flavouring.