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Pista + Anna Set

The set is a perfect gift as an introduction to Hungarian foods. Contains: Univer Eros Pista – Minced spicy peppers

Univer Eros Pista 200g

The Erős Pista of Univer is the second most popular paprika product on the Hungarian market after Piros Arany. The

Univer Eros Pista Ketchup 470g

Ketchup 97% [tomato (from concentrate), sugar, food vinegar, modified starch, salt, spice extract], Strong Pista 3% (raw strong paprika mincing,

Univer Garlic paste 70g

Ingredients:garlic 70%), water, food, fine sunflower cooking oil, modestly hard food acid (ditromic acid), synthetic material (antingum, preservatives Callum sorbitol,

Univer Goulash Mix Hot 160g

Ingredients: sweet and hot raw paprika, red bell paprika, salt. onion, tomato concentrated, refined sunflower oil, flavour enhancer (sodium-glutamate), sugar,

Univer Goulash Mix Sweet 160g

Ingredients. sweet raw paprika and red bell panka (62%), salt (average 11.5%), onion cream, tomato purée, vegetable oil, water, flavour

Univer Haragos Pista 150g

Extra strong raw minced peppers. Haragos Pista is 4x stronger than Erős Pista. It can be used for fish soups,

Univer Hot Horseradish 200g

HORSE-RADISH It retains its quality (day, month, year) until the date indicated on the sheet. Ingredients: chopped horseradish 37%, water,

Univer Ketchup 470g

E-number free, No additives Ketchup. Preserved by heat treatment. The contents of one bottle are enough for about 23 servings.

Univer Mayonnaise 160g

Storage: protected from sunlight, in a dry, cool place. Store refrigerated after opening! Preservative free. Ingredients: refined sunflower cooking oil

Univer Mayonnaise 420g

Sunflower cooking oil (66.6%), Drinking water, Mustard (drinking water, food vinegar, mustard seeds, sugar, table salt), Egg yolk (egg yolk

Univer Mayonnaise with horseradish 160g

It retains its quality (day, month, year) until the date indicated on the end of the tube. Ingredients: horseradish cream