To change the delivery address, please contact our Customer Service team. If we have already dispatched your order, we will notify the delivery company.

However, we cannot 100% guarantee that your package will actually be delivered to the changed address.

Please contact our team!

As long as your order is not dispatched, you can change or cancel it.

We will try to fulfill your expectations. Please note that the products may have already been packed or shipped which therefore we cannot amend anymore.

If the products have not yet been dispatched, your order will be put on hold until the desired changes are made.


 In this case, there are several options.

Either you can contact us and let us know which delivery day is better for you, we will try our best to have the package delivered on that date.

Due to the fact that the package contains perishable goods, the delivery company is instructed to leave the package in front of your door. 

It may happen that we only deliver a part of your order (partial delivery). This can be seen on the invoice. If this is not the case, we apologise and we will do everything in our power to resolve the issue. There may have been a mistake.

In this case, please contact us as soon as possible. 

If you are a registered user, you can get an overview of your last order, under the “My Orders” menu item. You can track your package and follow the journey of your package.

After your order leaves our store, you will receive a shipping confirmantion email. Here you will find the tracking and order number for your package. You can track your package later on the DHL Parcel website. 


CLICK HERE: (DHL Parcel UK | Track & Trace | DHLParcel.co.uk)

If your package arrives damaged, please do not accept the package and ask the delivery driver to send the package back to us.

If you only notice the damage to the package afterwards, please check the content. If not only the package but the contents are damaged also, please contact our Customer Service Team.

Important: If your package or a product is damaged, please be sure to take a picture of the damaged item/box. Email us this photo. Please do not throw away the package or its content. We need these for the compensation claim.

We are very sorry and apologize for the inconvenience! Please get in touch with our Customer Service Team.

No, we do not recomend doing this as your box contains perishable goods. If anything happens to your package/items in the package once you have redirected it to the shop Pick Up option, we can not offer a refund.