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4 Types of Hot Sandwich Cream

Hot sandwich cream is a tradition Hungarian delicacy, that we have many different ones of and our team in store

7001 Iodized – Steamed Fine Grain Salt 1kg

The world’s oldest known salt mine is in Hallstatt, Austria, where our ancestors mined salt for 7,000 years, long before

A.Gere Cabernet Sauvignon 13.5% 750ml

£17.89 Including. 20% VAT
One of the decisive varieties of the Villány wine region. Fullbodied red wine aged in large barrels with certain breed

A.Gere Kopar 14.5% 750ml

£35.99 Including. 20% VAT
The flagship wine of Gere Winery which is made of the hinest, limited yield grown grapes of our best vineyards.

A.Gere Portugieser 12.5% 750ml

£15.79 Including. 20% VAT
Portugieser, earlier called Kékoporto, is che traditional rape variety of the limestone rich wine region of Villainy. Characterized by its

Acacia Honey 1kg

Sweet, soft and less acidic honey with a harmonious taste and aroma of acacia flowers. Its colour ranges from almost