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General Terms and Conditions

1.Services-description,fees,conditions of participation

On the Hungarian Delicatessen Ltd website present the products that visistors can choose. The information and description related to each product are contained in the data sheet.In order to avoide possible missunderstandings, it should be clearly stated that the product range displayed on the website- including the prices of individual peoducts, is only informative and shows the current status at the time of viewing.Based on the product range of the online store, the User can compile a shopping list containing the products to be delivered straight to the home adress by Hungariandelicatessen Ltd drivers or DHL. After compiling the shopping list and entering all data necessar- if they are available in the product range in store- the selected products will be delivered to the customers home by letting the customer know via SMS or EMAIL by delivery team from both parties involved, this service being subjected to a fee.

Only people  over the age of 18 who accept the general terms and conditions and consent to the managment of their personal data may use our Services.

2.Modification of the GTC, its entry into force and acceptance by Users

The provision of these Terms and Conditions govern the use of the Service.Hungarian Delicatessen Ltd is entitled to emend the Terms and Conditions at any time. The new, amended GTC will enter into force once published on the Hungarian Delicatessen Ltd website.The Users that select the products within the service (i.e. compiles the shopping list) accepts the amended GTC by submiting a new shopping list after the amendment enters into force.Matters not or insuficiently regulated in these General Terms and Conditions are governed by the CIVIL CODE and the laws aplicable to contracts between consumers and businesses.

3.Protection of intelectual property rights, use and operation of the website

This website is owned and operated and operated by Hungarian Delicatessen Ltd. which is entitled to all rights (including copyright and other rights)based on the above mentioned website and its content (especially but not exclusively, its displayed databases, ilustartions,information sheets,etc) can legally dispose of. During the visit users are obliged to comply with the related legislations and the provisions of the GTC, in addition, they may not impaire the good reputation and the rights of Hungarian Delicatessen LTD. and its Users.

Especially users, you may not use the website as a whole or individual parts of it for any purpose other than your own use, (i.e you may not copy, dowloand or distribute the content of the website to an extent that exceeds your own needs), may not disturb and/or hunder with other Users from using the website. You may not touch the content of the website in any way,nor may you change its technical nature, you must not interfeer with the security of the webisite, you may not use the website to send unsolicited messages(spam) or chanin messages, you may not send viruses or dangerous/harmful programs to/through the website.You may not create fake messages to falsify the identity of Users or gain access to others account.

4.Availability of the Service

Hungarian Delicatessen LTD provides its services in the United Kingdom and does its best to mantain and continuosly improve the quality of the Service.Nevertheless- in terms of the technical aspect of the Service, it cannot guarantee the Users that the Service will be 100% available at all times or will function without errors.

Hungarian Delicatessen LTD is entitled to terminate the provision of the Service at any time, even partially, after providing adequant information via EMAIL or SMS, with the products included in the already submitted shopping list still being delivered.


Despite the fact that Hungarian Delicatessen Ltd does everything expected of it,in order to ensure the accuracy, factual corectness and relevance of the content on the Hungarian Delicatessen website, it cannot guarantee complete compliance for the User in all cases.

6. Protection of Personal Data

The related provisions are available in the Data Protection notice, which can be found at https://www.gov.uk/data-protection

7. Guide price, quatity deviations, costs

Guide Price- the stated prices are in British Pounds and included VAT.

Quantittative differences- If the User does not select the product according to the number of pieces(e.g in the case of a juice box product). Hungarian Delicatessen Ltd reserves the right to deliver it with a  certain deviation due to measurement inacurracy. Of course, Hungarian Delicatessen LTD. will do everything possible to ensure that this diviation is as small as possible (i.e it is as close as possible to the amount specified by the User)

8.Availability of products,substitute products

The shopping list means a selection of products on the Hungarian Delicatessen LTD. website. The copilation of the shopping list cannot be identified with the order of the products, it does not create an obligation on the part of the User to purchase the products.The range of products presented on the Hungarian Delicatessen LTD website may differ from the selection found in store, the availability of the products(including availability at the time of delivery) depends on the stock available.Therefore Hungarian Deliacatessen Ltd does not guarantee the continuous availability of all products.

If the products selected by the User are not available, Hungarian Delicatessen LTD will do its best to offer other products that are as simillar  as possible to the Users order in Terms of their Properties and Goods.The price, packaging and brand of the substitute product may differ from the price, packaging and brand of the product selected by User.During the processing of the order, our staff will discuss these substitute products with the User and they will also we idicated on the invoice/confirmation receipt to be handed over.

9. Creation of the Service Agreement 

The contract for the provision of the Service is created through the following process:

(I) The User compiles and submits the shopping list (which includes the Service fee)

(II) Hungarian Delicatessen LTD send an automantic confirmation of receiving the shopping list

(III) In rare cases Hungarian Delicatessen LTD will consult with the User by phone or Email about the start of order processing, substitute products, availability and the expected delivery date

(IV) Following steps are , by accepting  the product(s), the User expresses their intention to enter into the sales contract  for the product(s). The resulting contract was agreed upon by Hungarian Delicatessen LTD and is confirmed by a receipt or invoice issued by Hungarian Delicatessen LTD 

(V) By using the Service, the User accepts and agrees that Hungarian Delicatessen LTD. confirms the conclusion of the contract on the provided receipt or invoice

10.Complaints,Complaint handeling,product warranty

The User can ofcourse make a compliant about the products that are objectionable for any reason at the time of receival.You can do this via Services, telephone, email, or by letter sent to the providers adress (you can find theccompanies adress information under the (contact) menu on our website.

After getting in contact with Hungarian Delicatessen LTD, about the Users complaint and not being happy with the answer.  A complaint report can be filed with the ENGLISH CONSUMER PROTECTION regarding the quality and safety of the prouduct, the application of the product liability rules, the quality of the services. LINK https://www.gov.uk/consumer-protection-rights

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