Classic Stuffed Cabbage with Meat


For the filling:
100g of rice
1 kg pork leg/ joint (preferred minced)
1 head of red onion
3 cloves of garlic
ground black pepper
Red pepper

For the cabbage:
1 head of sauerkraut
smoked ribs
2 tablespoons of flour
Red pepper
2 cups of sour cream

Cooking Instructions:

Step 1 – For the stuffed cabbage filling, wash the rice, add minced pork, chopped red onion and garlic, salt, pepper and red pepper, then knead it with careful movements.

Step 2 – Wash the cabbage to taste, then roll the filling in the peeled leaves.

Step 3 – Chop up the remaining cabbage leaves and pile them on the bottom of the pan, together with the washed smoked ribs. Place the stuffed cabbages on top, then pour enough water to cover them. Cover with 2-3 large cabbage leaves and boil. Cook in about 70-80 minutes (the time also depends on the meat).

Step 4 – When the stuffed cabbage is cooked, make a stir-fry for it. To do this, heat a little oil, fry the flour in it, then remove from the heat and add red pepper to give it a nice color, and mix in two tablespoons of sour cream. We add so much of the cabbage juice that approx. to be equally warm (heat equalization), strain it over the cabbage and boil it together.

Step 5 – Serve with sour cream and fresh bread.